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How To Stop Your Hair Colour Fading


Being colour specialists, our clients often invest spend a lot on their hair colour, so why not look after it?

There are several things you can do to keep your colour looking good for longer and it can save you money in the long run too. Less fade means less maintenance and less cost each visit.

The first thing, above all else is to choose what you wash your hair with carefully.  I know there are loads of products promising miracles but as an independent salon, we stock what we believe works. Many salons can only stock 1 or 2 lines due to deals with suppliers, we on the other hand can stock whatever we like and whatever we have tried, tested and believe to be the best.

1) The colour application itself, do not overlap colour. Once your hair is lifted you should reduce the strength of colour to refresh / re-tone your ends. All good stylists will do this, but if you colour your hair at home this can be tricky. You will need to buy 2 solutions, one for your roots and one for your ends to avoid the two tone look and over processing those ends. Damaged ends will not hold on to the colour pigments and will fade super quick!

2) Use a colour safe shampoo and conditioner that is gentle on your hair, I like to use one with a UV filter which can reduce fade from the sun too.

3) Use a mask (treatment) once a week. Invest in a good one, this is the only way to repair your hair and many of the supermarket ones will just coat your hair with plastic to make it look better but not actually fix the problem. Over time the plastic will build up and make your hair harder to style and appear greasy!

4) Protect your hair from the sun, like skin hair can get damaged by the sun. Not only will it dry it out it can strip colour out like you wouldn't believe! Wear a hat on holiday and use products with UV filters.

5) If you have a blonde or red that needs a little help to keep fresh, even when you do all of that, ask your stylist to recommend a colour conditioner that works with your colour and is safe for you to top up at home without compromising your in-salon result.


If you've got a hair problem or a colour that fades too fast get in touch!

Summer Colour Trend Vintage Pretty Is Here!



Tracey Devine Smith, Affinage Uk

There is such a buzz around pastels and metallics in the hair world right now and Affinage's latest collection encapsulates that perfectly.  The past vintage themes were so strong on the catwalk and in the bridal scene, this blend of the two is perfect for summer and gives a sofer and extremely wearable interpretation of the colour bringing something fresh in 2017.

We just love love love this collection, it's the whole teams favourite by far from Tracey and the Affinage team. All of these beautiful tones can be created over a pre-lightened base of a very light pale blonde, They are labour intensive with often a tri colour application (3 colour applications in one appointment) but they are worth the investment of time and money to have such stunning hair!

If you're in love with Vintage Pretty, get in touch for a free consultation and estimate.

T: 01332 292129

See The Full Affinage Shoot!

Hayley's Top Tips For Changing Your Hair Colour


So, you're fed up with your hair....

It's been ages since you tried something new and you're ready, ready to take the plunge and change your hair colour.

The preparation when going lighter and darker is actually quite different.

If your wanting to go lighter, the main thing you need to think about above all is the health and condition of your hair and upping your hair care routine. Do you have at least 20 mins a week to dedicate to a hair mask and be prepared to use products to preserve your locks as straightening and bleaching without using protection is a sure way to end up with very little hair.

However, if you don't like your new, lighter you, it is very easy to go back to black dare we say... Going back to your darker hair colour will be very easy and relatively inexpensive.

On the other hand, if you wish to go darker, you have much more to consider. Clients don't always realise this but if you don't like your new darker reflection when you look in the mirror, it will take a lot of time, home care and money, especially if you we're very blonde before to go back to blonde or sometimes even a mid brown if you have gone very dark.

This is the reason hair colourists think box home dyes are the work of the devil because they are so hard to get rid off, not only do they dye the hair they stain it too! (we will be posting on this soon) If you have salon colour on your hair it is much easier to lift out.. easier meaning quicker and cheaper for you.

Think it through...

When you are going for a big change always bring a picture, in fact the more the merrier. Bring pictures of what you like, love and don't like to make sure your stylist know what look you're after and that you've really thought about it. I sometimes make sure my clients ask me on 2 consecutive appointments before I will do something drastic. Ok, so I have some clients who are always changing their hair but others realy don't do impulsive when it comes to hair as they usually regret it.


1. Take pictures.

2. Remember, you aren't going to look like the person in the picture unless we stick it to your head and if you bring a 20 year old picture in of a darker / lighter you ... Chances are you're not going to look like you did then... Sorry.

3. Think about the maintenance needed for you new colour, think about time and money you will need to invest to keep it looking amazing.

4. Use the right masks for your hair in the run up to the transformation, this will make your colour last longer and lift better. Ask your stylist which is best for you.

5. Listen to your stylist, we don't like saying no, but sometimes we have to and if a stylist doesn't want to do it, there must be a good reason for it so listen and find out more...

6. Don't be disheartened if it can't be done in 1 day if Khloe Kardashian took 8 sittings maybe you will.

7. Find a good salon who have a good reputation and if you need something advanced expect to be passed on to a senior stylist or director to ensure you get a good job.

8. Use the recommended home care, shop shampoo will not keep your new beautiful colour looking good. Expect you use a shampoo, conditioner, mask (sometimes 2) and leave in treatments and sprays if lightening.

9. Re-book, if your stylist is a good one, rebooking is essential, if your colour is even a week late it can cause banding or uneven colour, so ask your stylist how long they recommend before you visit again. For block / global colours expect 4-6 weeks, highlights 6 weeks and balayage is very low maintenance but your glaze and cut will need redoing at 6 weeks if you are prone to excess warmth or have yellow phobia! Weekends and evenings are always mega busy, sometime you will have to book 2 in advance if this is your preferred slot.

10. Nothing lasts forever so go on and try something new and if you don't like it we can change it... Happy Colouring!