How Often Should I Cut My Hair?

Affinage Collection 2017

Affinage Collection 2017

Now depending on a few factors there are a few answers to this question...

Generally speaking though, 6 weeks is the usual time to get your hair trimmed back into shape. By the sixth week you're normally sweeping that fringe out of your eyes and using way more root boost than is actually needed for your blowdry.

Having said that there are a few things to consider about the right length of time for you and your style.

1. The length of your hair

If you have short cropped hair or heavily textured hair that requires very little styling, you will be needing a tidy up at the 4th week. Any longer than this and your morning routine will drive you so mad you'll want to shave it all off! We find bob length hair needs a shape up at week 5 to keep it easy to manage and hassle free and mid to long hair is ready at 6 weeks.

2. The thickness

If your hair is very fine, you will find at week 5 your hair becomes limp and floppy, meaning less time in bed. Despite the length still being fine at 5 weeks, the weight of your top layers will be making you feel like you cant do a thing with it so schedule your slot for 5 weeks to remain bad hair day free.

3. I'm growing it

The big problem here is when clients go into hiding because they are growing their hair, when they reemerge the ends are usually so split and broken there is nothing that can be done to stop the hair splitting further. Instead keep up your regular trims, discuss your goals with your stylist and ask them to just seal the ends, I call this 'kissing' it with my scissors, I simply remove the minimum amount just to stop the ends from splitting further up the hair, approx 2mm. That way we don't have to cut off the 3 inches you have been guarding with your life... Use a mask weekly to feed and repair your hair and schedule your visit every 6-7 weeks.

4. I can't afford it

We all struggle with our budget from time to time and if things are a bit tight, don't reach for the kitchen scissors just yet. Have a chat with your stylist to find a way to maintain your look for less. Any stylist truly invested in you and your hair should be able to come up with a few ideas to save you some money. Most clients will want to stick with the same stylist, however, many salons operate a free roaming policy. We actively encourage our clients to try other stylists within the team, often people can feel awkward but its up to the stylist to let you know that its OK, after all we would rather you stay in our salon than go somewhere else! Save more than you think by opting for a less experienced stylist, in our salon, if you change stylist, your original stylist will debrief the new one to give them a heads up on how you like it. Also by discussing your budget, your stylist can advise on how many extra weeks they would recommend between cuts. In extreme circumstances, never leave your hair more than 12 weeks, this is when split ends run wild and it can take ages your you hair to get back to health.

5. I don't have time

The best advice I have for this one is to always pre-book. That way you never have to think about it, it can take days even weeks to remember to call the salon and by that point all the appointments are usually gone. Evenings and weekends are like gold dust and most great stylist will get booked up in 6 weekly round as each cycle of pre-booking clients visits.

6. I don't do anything with my hair

The can't style, won't style gang, you leave your hair to dry naturally and possible don't own a hair brush!? You already know you give your stylist nightmares about your style routine but we actually really enjoy doing natural hair. This is where the most skill comes in and a bad hair cut would totally show and you would know about it. Believe it or not it is really important you maintain your cut when your stylist recommends, a good cut will mean even less faffing and whether you care or not it could look pretty good with zero effort! yay!


Award Winning Cocco Salon!!!




What a busy few weeks, our feet have hardly touched the ground in June!

June is always an exciting and busy month, full of great events and lots of excited clients coming in pre-holiday,  festival, graduation and pre-wedding!!

On top of all that excitment we went and won our first ever award, to top it further we went and bagged a second one to boot!

This year was the first year we entered any industry awards and we are proud to be finalists in all we have entered.

We entered in the categories that we're closest to our hearts, at COCCO its all about our clients so it was only natural we entered for the customer service and home care / retail categories. The whole team are over joyed to receive recognition for their hard work and dedication to the craft and our amazing clients.

Almost 8 years ago we opened Cocco Salon and our mission from the start was to give solutions to everyday hair and beauty problems. Whether it be with a service, styling tips,  diet or homecare our number 1 goal was to fix your hair or beauty problem, so to win the Gold award for Retail Salon Of The Year is absolutely amazing, followed of course by a Silver Award for Excellence In Customer Service.

Thank you to all our amazing clients who have voted and supported us and hopefully the awards will be the first of many!


Our Top 5 Festival Looks

Hey Guy's!

The sound of music across the fields, the twinkle of glitter on people's faces, the taste of beer from a plastic cup and the sun shining high in the sky! (we hope!) 

It's that time of year again and i've rounded up 5 of the best festival looks!

Ramonas Festival Top 5


Big glasses & a statement necklace!

We just love this simple yet stunning look...



Fancy dress is essential at festivals, besides, when else do you get the chance to dress up as a fairy!?



It's all about the pattern!











Did someone say glitter?!



You cant go wrong with braids, thin ones, thick ones or fish-tail ones, no two looks every look the same and add a sprinkle of glitter down the parting! 


You can't live without


Nothing say's festival more than an oversized, glittery, flowery, tassely, furry, silly hat!




If you need a little helping hand with your hair & glitter give us a shout!

love Ramona xx

Wan't To Know Michelle's Secret To Beautiful Lashes?

Hate wearing mascara? Tired of using eyelash curlers?

We girls all have the same pet hates....

You're getting ready and your lashes just won't go right! We have all developed our own little ritual that gets them looking just right, but one wrong move and there's just no fixing it... no pins or cotton buds will sort that mess out!

Short, Clumpy Sparse Lashes? Or you may have long lovely lashes that stick out so straight, you have to keep curling them.

Either way, after so many years of hearing my clients, complain about this and personally battling with the victorian torcher device more commonly known as the lash curler... Just don't sneeze or you will pull them all out! eeek... I decided to seek an alternative way and answer all our prayers. 
After trying different methods I came across Nouveau, I'd seen them mentioned in Grazia, Cosmopolitan, Vouge, Elle and various trade magazines I decided to check them out.

The results were amazing and being the preferred choice of so many celebrities I can see why.

What To Expect Having a Nouveau LVL Treatment?

LVL from Nouveau is a great, natural way to enhance your lashes. If you don't fancy extensions or your new to the lash game, this is a great treatment to start with.

LVL stands for Length, Volume and Lift.

No extensions or mascara, just your natural lashes with no harmful damage or adhesive. We lift the eyelashes and straighten them unlike the old eyelash perm where a roller was used, we straighten from the root up using a shield on the eyelid, this is to create that ' wide eyed' look.

A tint is then applied giving the mascara effect which gives shine and depth to the lashes. Results lasting 6-8 weeks, this is a quick 40- 45 minute treatment which is quite relaxing for the client.

Want to wake up with perfect lashes every morning? Then give LVL a try! The results are amazing.

A patch test is required 48 hrs prior to treatment, Book online or Call to reserve your appointment.


See what Nouveau has to offer bellow...


The official brand film for Nouveau Lashes introducing our new brand concept - Ultimate Lashes From the moment you step into a Nouveau Lashes accredited salon, through to your lash treatment and aftercare, you can be confident your eyelashes are in the best possible hands. At Nouveau Lashes we look at things differently.