Wan't To Know Michelle's Secret To Beautiful Lashes?

Hate wearing mascara? Tired of using eyelash curlers?

We girls all have the same pet hates....

You're getting ready and your lashes just won't go right! We have all developed our own little ritual that gets them looking just right, but one wrong move and there's just no fixing it... no pins or cotton buds will sort that mess out!

Short, Clumpy Sparse Lashes? Or you may have long lovely lashes that stick out so straight, you have to keep curling them.

Either way, after so many years of hearing my clients, complain about this and personally battling with the victorian torcher device more commonly known as the lash curler... Just don't sneeze or you will pull them all out! eeek... I decided to seek an alternative way and answer all our prayers. 
After trying different methods I came across Nouveau, I'd seen them mentioned in Grazia, Cosmopolitan, Vouge, Elle and various trade magazines I decided to check them out.

The results were amazing and being the preferred choice of so many celebrities I can see why.

What To Expect Having a Nouveau LVL Treatment?

LVL from Nouveau is a great, natural way to enhance your lashes. If you don't fancy extensions or your new to the lash game, this is a great treatment to start with.

LVL stands for Length, Volume and Lift.

No extensions or mascara, just your natural lashes with no harmful damage or adhesive. We lift the eyelashes and straighten them unlike the old eyelash perm where a roller was used, we straighten from the root up using a shield on the eyelid, this is to create that ' wide eyed' look.

A tint is then applied giving the mascara effect which gives shine and depth to the lashes. Results lasting 6-8 weeks, this is a quick 40- 45 minute treatment which is quite relaxing for the client.

Want to wake up with perfect lashes every morning? Then give LVL a try! The results are amazing.

A patch test is required 48 hrs prior to treatment, Book online or Call to reserve your appointment.


See what Nouveau has to offer bellow...


The official brand film for Nouveau Lashes introducing our new brand concept - Ultimate Lashes From the moment you step into a Nouveau Lashes accredited salon, through to your lash treatment and aftercare, you can be confident your eyelashes are in the best possible hands. At Nouveau Lashes we look at things differently.