It's Holiday Time!

"Are you going anywhere nice on your holiday's?" contrary to belief is not the only question we ask at the salon nor are holidays our hot topic of conversation... Although we all do love a good jolly!

During the holiday season we are constantly thinking up new quick and easy ways to keep you looking hot... not that hot! while you're away. We all want to stroll around the pool like we've fallen out of the pages of Vogue, sadly most of us resemble a rather hot and flustered hippopotamus. Fear not the girls at Cocco are on hand to cheat your way to that effortlessly gorgeous look we all desire. 

There is one thing you need to do and that is... PREPARE.


The thing is, all the strutting gazelles around the watering hole did not just happen to look like that, they are not sent from the planet beautiful. They simply told the salon when they had booked a holiday and it was all done for them. No stress, no worry, no real planning, just tell us your holiday date and we will arrange an appointment that ties your hair and beauty treatments together and we send you out looking amazing and not a hint of hippo in sight! 

Pre-holiday prep can be simply a wax and a haircut or a wax, manicure, pedicure, lash tint, hair colour, cut and a faux tan so you avoid that milky newbie look when you step out on the first day. 

How many of us are still packing at midnight, cleaning the bathroom at 1am and grabbing that crucial 7th pair of shorts out of the dryer before you leave for the airport to then suddenly realise you've not shaved your legs and will have to grab a nail varnish at the airport to do them on the beach? That's if the kids give you 5 mins peace to let them dry... also did you know varnish takes way longer to dry in hot weather and goes gloopy? it's not just you.


Wait for it.. the chorus of "i don't have time for that!" the answer is most probably no you don't, so if you don't have time for us to do it, you sure won't have time to do it yourself and sadly you will sit by the pool longing to join the azelles with an inner dialogue of "they can't be happy" well, maybe not with everything but they will be happy spending their time away not stressing that they have hairy this, flakey that, chipped nails, smudged nails or burnt legs because they tried to get rid of the milky legs on the first day. Not to mention no roots or huge frizzy hair because they got a KeraStraight smoothing treatment before they went away, there are so many things we can offer to solve those holiday woes, spend your time away feeling carefree, beautiful and making memories with your family and friends not trying to hide your chipped toes or taming your hair... just ask & let us take care of it!